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"All an Instructional Designer need,
is a NO CODE workspace"

Anamaria Kudrna, Instructional Designer
Game-based Training

Why VirtualStudio is an unmissable tool for any Instructional Designer who wants to develop game-based training courses:

Staying ahead of the curve requires innovative tools and methods in the rapidly evolving education and training landscape. VirtualStudio®, developed by BlueTea, stands at the forefront of this evolution, offering a state-of-the-art platform to revolutionize how you create, manage, and deliver instructional content.
What is VirtualStudio®?
VirtualStudio® is a cutting-edge virtual learning environment tailored specifically for instructional designers like you. It combines the latest in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies with an intuitive interface to create immersive, engaging, and effective learning experiences. Whether you are developing corporate training programs, educational curricula, or specialized skill development courses, VirtualStudio® provides the tools and flexibility you need to bring your vision to life.

Key Features


Create realistic and interactive scenarios that simulate real-world environments, allowing learners to engage in hands-on practice without the risks or constraints of physical spaces.


VirtualStudio® is compatible with any device and operating system. This means content changes can be made via PC, smartphone, or tablet.


The structure of VirtualStudio® enables easy translation for all instruction elements in the Training environment. Using CSV import and export, content can easily be translated and reloaded into the training.


Multilingual support not only limits to text but can also support a variety of media that depend on language.


Utilize built-in analytics to track learner performance and engagement.


Gain valuable insights into how your content is being used and identify areas for improvement, helping you to continually enhance the learning experience


VirtualStudio® applies strict regulations related to security and unauthorized access. The web application and generated simulated training environment are only accessible to authorized users and closed to unknown external users.


VirtualStudio® is a web-based application, worldwide available at any time. This supports the flexibility to train through Simulated Training any time, any place and any how.


Backup of data generated via VirtualStudio® is an automatic process. Through this the loss of important training results, files and/or changes an easily be prevented.

No Code Tools

At VirtualStudio, time is money, and we don't want you to waste a minute on it. Since 2016, we have offered our customers our web-based CMS to simplify their lives when creating interactive scenarios, technology manuals or game-based training in a 3D environment. Our TOOLBOX has the power to simplify the editing of a complex game-based training course. Because again, no programming knowledge is required to set up, modify or improve the game flow!


Setup timers, detect the player getting stuck, provide support and deliver context based tips at any point in the level, matching the score that relates to the players action. ​VirtualStudio provides unlimited HINTING functionality.


As an instructional designer you want to point out elements in the 3D virtual wold? ​ Simply HIGHLIGHT the virtual element at any time in the scenario/level and based on the players (inter)actions and level flow. Add properties such as colour, transparency, blinking frequency to make the highlight match the visual design of your game or the emphasis required.


Turn any dull digital manual or virtual simulation into a rewarding learning experience for the player by adding TROPHIES to be earned. Add one or more trophies to match series of competences and relate the trophy to a passing percentage. Trophies can also be used to unlock new levels or scenarios.


The player can earn or lose POINTS per step, assignment or (inter)action. The final score is then shown at the end of the game. A success rate or passing percentage can be linked to this to validate the players progress in the scenario or level. Scoring points are an important element in gamifying your simulation or interactive manual.


The core of good knowledge retention is that the knowledge must be "meaningful and interesting." As a tool, you can tap into the learner's own competitive mindset and use a LEADER BOARD for this purpose. A LEADER BOARD is available and easy to set up per level.


Spoken or (re)written texts can be a very powerful tool to support your player. TEXT can be added or enhanced in real time at each step of the game. You can also draw extra attention to the text by stopping or blurring the image.


As an editor or instructional designer you can add spoken text that can be edited as written text. No difficult voice over process, just type and have the game talk to you. This process is always available via the TEXT TO SPEECH functionality of VirtualStudio. It even allows you to chose the characters' voice for even more game experience.


The player can earn or lose POINTS per step, assignment or (inter)action. The final score is then shown at the end of the game. A success rate or passing percentage can be linked to this to validate the players progress in the scenario or level. Scoring points are an important element in gamifying your simulation or interactive manual.


Most GBTs are created to transfer knowledge. VirtualStudio offers a wide range of INSTRUCTIONS capabilities such as written or spoken text, images, audio and video. If the player gets stuck, these instructions can be repeated for further clarification. As an editor you have control over repeating the same instruction or refining the instruction for further clarification.


VirtualStudio is an independent toolbox that also provides roll based USER MANAGEMENT. Create, modify, disable and delete users and invite users for user self creation in the toolbox. Choose from various authentication methods such as domain validation or using a registration code to prevent unauthorised players to access the content of the game.

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