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  • What is VirtualStudio®
    VirtualStudio is a platform, database and infrastrcuture, tailord to create and maintain flexibility and durability in virtual simulations, interactive manuals and training games. VirtualStudio provides Instructional Designers and content editors all the tools to create training scenarios in a virtual world without any coding. For this you can use the embedded VirtualStudio Scenario editor. See <link to Instructional Designers> for more information
  • As an Instructional Designer, can I use the VirtualStudio® without the SDK?
    VirtualStudio is a toolkit that comes with an infrastructure for game developers to use. A game must be embedded into this infrastructure using the VirtualStudio SDK. Please contact your development team for using the SDK. Should you not have access to an internal development team, contact BlueTea to develop the game for you so you can start benefitting from the ultimate flexible and durable knowledge management, based on ZERO CODE Game Based training development
  • What platforms does the VirtualStudio® SDK support?
    The SDK supports multiple platforms including Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It is designed to be flexible and easily integrated into various development environments. The development environment is aimed at Unity
  • What game engine does the VirtualStudio® SDK support?
    Although the VirtualStudio SDK API is not depending on a specific game engine, the wrapper and packages we additionally provide are focused on C# development and Unity as a game engine in particular
  • Is the VirtualStudio SDK modular?
    Yes. The basic VirtualStudio SDK module is all you need as an experienced priogrammer. But, since not all developers will have the same development skills set and experience, we provide different Unity packages for various functions. This saves time for you in programming and is already a perfect start to work with the SDK and grow it based on your needs. The various Unity packages can be found via this link <add link to sales packages> where we already logically combined Unity packages in bundles for you to purchase and use.
  • Can I upgrade from one bundle to the next?
    Yes you can. Unity packages can be bought separately or in bundles. You can grow as you need
  • How do I get started with the VirtualStudio® SDK?
    To get started, follow these steps: · Order and download the SDK from our website. · Refer to the installation guide in the documentation. · Import the SDK into your project. Use the provided code samples to implement basic functionalities
  • Are there any prerequisites for using the SDK?
    Yes, you need to have a basic understanding of the programming language C#, and ensure your development environment meets the SDK's requirements
  • Can I customize the default settings?
    Yes, the SDK provides various configuration options that you can customize according to your needs. Refer to the configuration guide in the documentation for detailed instructions.
  • Where can I find the full documentation for the VirtualStudio® SDK?
    The full documentation is available on the VirtualStudio developer portal. It includes comprehensive guides, API references, and troubleshooting tips.
  • How can I get support if I encounter issues?
    If you encounter any issues, you can contact BlueTea support via the developer portal
  • How often is the SDK updated?
    The SDK is regularly updated to include new features, improvements, and bug fixes. It is recommended to subscribe to our newsletter or check the developer portal for the latest updates.
  • How do I update the SDK in my project?
    To update the SDK, download the latest version from our website and follow the update instructions in the documentation. Ensure to test your application thoroughly after updating
  • Are there any example projects available?
    Yes, example projects are available in our demo environment
  • Can I contribute to the SDK?
    We welcome contributions from the developer community. You can contribute by reporting issues, suggesting features or sharing your games with us.
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